GOOD celeb news? That’s Ludacris!

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Entertainment news has been even more of a moral cesspool than usual lately, from obnoxious behavior and bitter breakups to alleged extortion, drug abuse, and now claims of incest. If you don’t enjoy reading such stories, rest assured it’s not much fun writing them either — not for me, anyway. (And for those of you who do enjoy them … well, I still don’t like writing them.)

So, in keeping with Alex Haley’s admonition to “find the good and praise it,” I’d like to call to your attention a story from earlier this month that some of you may have missed. Many people are struggling to find work right now, and that can be even more difficult if you don’t have a car. Well, that’s no longer a problem for 20 job seekers in Atlanta, thanks to a local auto dealer and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges. The rapper/actor and the car dealer teamed up to give away 20 new cars to contest winners who explained in essays how being without a car made their search for a job even tougher.

Sure, Ludacris gets good press out of it, and the dealership likely gets a tax writeoff. But 20 people are more likely to be able to find work, support their families, and pump money back into the economy as a result … and those same people got an amazing lift at an especially tough time. Who couldn’t use that?

At the same time people rush to dump on Oprah and others who use their celebrity for good, we also hear a constant stream of “why don’t you report good news?” Consider this our latest attempt to do just that, and encourage more of it.

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